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Rice Football Clinic 2015

July 28th, 2015 by jb59

Goooooo Owls!

Ever watch an American football game and felt completely confused?! You’re not alone! To help you learn the rules of football in a fun way, the Rice football team has offered to give the Rice International Community a special night of fun. Each attendee will also receive a free Rice football t-shirt! The event will be held on Friday, August 28th from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Rice Stadium.

We will start off the night with a real Texas tailgate which is an important part of sports in the US. A tailgate party is usually held at the tailgate area of a vehicle, usually a truck, which is where the name comes from. These parties include food and drinks, but are really just a great way to hang out with friends before a game. This is also a great time to paint your face, play some games, and just get pumped up about the upcoming match. While these tailgating parties were initially just for football, you’ll often see them at other sporting events as well. Most commonly, fans will sit out for a few hours before a game in the stadium parking lot grilling hot dogs or hamburgers. For those who do not have tickets to the game, they will often bring a television and watch the game in the parking lot while eating. For our event, we’ll be eating pizza. Regardless of what you eat, it is about the fun community that you build while waiting for the game to start!

After the tailgate, we’ll head into the famous R Room to learn the basics of football. We will split up into two groups: Offense and Defense. After your “lesson,” you’ll switch places to learn about the other side! That means that if you start on the Offense side, after you learn the rules of how to play on the offense, you’ll go to another room afterward to learn about how to play defense! You’ll get a chance to learn the terms, the rules, the scoring, and what to watch for in a game. If you want to get a head start to familiarize yourself with the game, take a look at the Wikipedia article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_football.

We’ll finish up the evening by going through the Rice tunnel just like the football players! This is a rare opportunity to enjoy the field all by yourselves. Once on the field, the Rice football team will be there to run drills to show you how everything is run. You’ll get a chance to see the differences between the special teams, offense and defense are which will help clarify all the theoretical explanations from the clinic. Be sure that you wear very comfortable shoes because we’ll be running in the grass, throwing footballs, and learning fancy footwork!

If you would like to join us, you must RSVP here: SITE IS CLOSED.  See you next year!

Only the first 200 to RSVP will be allowed in.

~Andy Meretoja, OISS


Rice Travel Opportunities

September 17th, 2012 by co7

OISS was fortunate enough to have Dan Stypa, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs, join us for some great travel opportunities for the Rice population!  Two programs may be particularly useful for you as you plan to explore the world: 1) The Rice Alumni Travel program, and 2) Vacation Travel Opportunities.  These opportunities are partnered through Contiki Vacations and offer us the ability to partake in amazing adventures.  Please see the information below and feel free to contact Dan for more information!


Rice Alumni Travel Program (not just for alumni!!)

The Rice Alumni Travel program brings young alumni and students a new opportunity to explore the globe, experience new cultures, ancient art , historic sites, delicious cuisine, thrilling adventures and authentic self-discovery all while making long lasting friendships.

We are excited to partner with Contiki Vacations, the worldwide leader in travel for 18-35 year olds. With more than 200 trips to choose from in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Asia, Russia and Egypt, traveling with Contiki means you’ll share an amazing journey with alumni and travelers your age from all over the world.

When you plan your next trip with the Rice Alumni Travel program, the choices are limitless. With trips ranging from three days to more than a month, you are sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To learn all about the trips expertly designed for young alumni and students 18-35 years old available throughout 2013, visit Contiki’s website at www.contiki.com. If you have any questions, please contact the Rice Alumni Travel program at 713-348-5094 or Contiki at 866-652-4483 or email alumni@contiki.com.

It’s time to embark on an education beyond the classroom and workplace. You deserve it!


Vacation Travel Opportunities (especially great for Winter and Summer Break!)

Short Trips/Weekend Getaways for Winter Break

$275                       LA Explorer, 3 days: Operates daily

$429                       LA Explorer, 5 days: same as above, but 5 days

$855                       New York Uncovered, 4 days: December 18-21

$1265                    New York New Year, 4 days: December 30-Jan 2

$749                       Las Vegas New Year, 4 days: December 30-Jan 2

$749                       Miami New Year, 4 days: December 30- Jan 2


Motorcoach tours for Winter Break

$1065                    California Highlights, 8 days: December 18-25

$1885                    Southern Adventure, 13 days: December 13-25

$1995                    Costa Rica Unplugged, 12 days: December 15-26


Short trips/weekend getaways for Spring Break

$275                       LA Explorer, 3 days: Operates daily

$429                       LA Explorer, 5 days: same as above, but 5 days

$855                       New York Uncovered, 4 days: February 26-March 1


*all prices above based on double occupancy, plus airfare and applicable taxes


Rice International B-Ball Team Mirrors University’s Internationalization Efforts

March 2nd, 2012 by co7

Evidence of Rice’s recent years of international expansion efforts, as a result of the Vision for the Second Century’s (V2C) goals, are seen, felt, and experienced throughout the campus daily. Almost one in every five students walking across campus is a student from another country (including total populations of graduate and undergraduate students).  Everyone at Rice has a chance for a cross-cultural opportunity at their front doorstep.

The Houston Chronicle’s Sports front page story about the international athletes that are on the Rice basketball team also describes how the players enjoy the diverse perspectives and traditions that they learn from one another. But their uniting force is their dedication to the game. As in any international experience, shared goals can override any differences.

Whether it is in the classroom, the lab, a student club, a volunteer opportunity, or on the court, international students at Rice, interacting with our domestic students, create a rich environment for learning global perspectives and expanding one’s international experience.

Rice is so fortunate to have so many students from other countries here, and we have truly enjoyed the unique opportunities to learn from the international athletes who come to our country and school with so many incredible talents, and share them with all of us. Way to go Rice basketball team! Way to go Owls! Way to go international students who are part of our Rice community!


How To Carve a Pumpkin!

October 31st, 2011 by co7

Here’s an illustrated guide on how to carve the most amazing pumpkin for Halloween, courtesy of our FISS Pumpkin Carving event.


Step 1: Choose a pumpkin. Any pumpkin. It should be orange and relatively round, but size is up to you. Bigger ones are better if you decide to use a template from a pumpkin carving kit (more details about this in step 5), but if you’re creative and carve by hand, a smaller one will also look very nice. The most important thing is that you are willing to fully commit to the pumpkin you choose.


Step 2: Get a big, sharp knife. The sharper the better, since this is where you will attack your pumpkin and cut out the top of your pumpkin. Remember that the top will go back and serve as a lid on your completed pumpkin, so it is a good idea to cut it at an angle. For a more professional look, you can cut the top into a special shape, like a zigzag, but any old hole on top will do.


Step 3: Clean your pumpkin. This part can get a bit messy, but don’t let it bother you. Just stick your hand in there and get everything out! The more thorough you are at this point equals how long you will be able to enjoy your pumpkin: the more stuff you leave inside, the sooner your pumpkin will begin to spoil and go bad. Remember that you can use the pumpkin seeds for cooking or baking!


Step 4: Now, if you didn’t make the hole big enough during step 2, you might get into trouble during step 3 and get your hand stuck inside the pumpkin while clearing out the seeds! Do try to get your hand out without making the hole bigger now, because otherwise your lid will no longer fit on top of the pumpkin. If all else fails, cut yourself free and tell everyone that your pumpkin got scalped!


Step 5: Choose an image to carve on your pumpkin. Creative people can carve their own designs, but pumpkin carving kits often have helpful templates that you can use. Either tape your template to the pumpkin or have a friend hold it, while you trace the edges of the picture with a sharp tool.


Step 6: Remove the template and, based on the tracing you just did, cut the edges of the pictures all the way through with an even sharper tool. Now you should be able to get out the pieces, after which you can see about making the edges a little nicer and more polished. Remember that Halloween pumpkins are supposed to look scary, so it doesn’t matter if your image is a little rough around the edges.


Step 7: Pose for pictures and show off your amazing pumpkin with pride!!


If you would rather not use quite so many sharp tools, you can always use paint and other decorations to create an awesome pumpkin!




~Written by Andy Meretoja, International Department Coordinator

Work, part 2: Off-Campus Employment

September 1st, 2011 by co7

In our first posting about working, we talked about getting a job on campus. But let’s say that cataloguing books at Fondren Library or lifeguarding at the Rec Center – excellent opportunities though they may be! – don’t quite meet your expectation of experiencing the wider world during your stay in Houston.

As an international student, are you allowed to work off campus? Yes! Well, actually, it depends.

If you were thinking of bartending in Rice Village, tutoring high school students in your native language, doing a few shifts at the Genius Bar in the Galleria’s Apple Store, or waiting tables to pick up a few bucks, please don’t! All off-campus work –for students on F-1 and J-1 visas – must be directly related and integral to your course of study at Rice. Remember, you were granted an F-1 or J-1 visa specifically for the purpose of being a full-time student in the U.S. Therefore, any off-campus work you do must provide practical experience that complements your academic studies and research.

F-1 students are eligible for off-campus work – known as Curricular Practical Training (CPT) – after one academic year (two semesters) in full-time, legal status. You may work off campus up to 20 hours per week during the semester and more than 20 hours during school breaks and summer vacation. Any off-campus work requires prior authorization from OISS. Working even one day off campus without proper authorization is a violation of your immigration status, so please come see us first to complete the approval process. CPT authorization is quite straightforward and fast … as long as you follow the procedures on OISS’s CPT Information Handout. Please note the following two required items:

  • A signed job offer letter on official company/organization letterhead indicating what work you’ll be doing, the dates of employment, hours per week, and job location;
  • A completed CPT Request Form indicating academic justification for the job and signed by a Rice faculty member.

Please schedule an appointment with an OISS advisor if you have any questions about CPT or have a job offer and are ready to start working. We’re here to help!

Next time: OPT (authorization to work after completing your Rice degree)

~Written by Matt Stein, International and Sponsored Student Advisor

International Delegations at Rice

August 27th, 2011 by co7

Rice University has always attracted international groups and delegations, and welcomed many visitors from around the world. In August 2010, OISS inherited a new responsibility from the Office of the President, and we’re hosting international delegations when they visit Rice ever since.

In this role we work closely with the different departments, professors and school officials as well as Rice’s entire international community when we organize meetings, lectures, campus and lab tours, and we rely on our colleagues’ and students’ help to welcome, and provide meaningful programs to our guests.

One of the most recent visits from Zhejiang University, China is a perfect example of how Rice’s international students can partake in this exiting and unique opportunity which not only enriches the experience of our guests but also allows the students to meet with visitors from prominent, well known government agencies, business companies, or international institutions, very often from their own Alma Mater.

In May, 2011 Xuhui Chen, a Ph.D. candidate from the Department of Physics played an important part in the success of the visit as he navigated the delegates from Zhejiang University throughout their program. This was a busy, one day event and Xuhui, beyond his invaluable technical help in logistics, bridged the gap between the two different cultures. Throughout the meetings, BRC tour, business lunch and group photos he made sure the occasion was very professional and friendly at the same time, which resulted in many positive feedback we have received from the guests afterwards.

This was not the first time Xuhui and other international students offered their help and expertise with delegations and took on different roles such as sharing their Rice and US experience with our visitors, guiding them around campus, or helping with translation. We’re so grateful for the support our students and scholars are giving to OISS, and we’re looking forward to incorporate their help into future visits whenever we can.

~Written by Agnes Vajtai, International Compliance Assistant

No More DPS Letters!

July 27th, 2011 by co7

In June 2011, DPS changed the identification requirements for F-1 and J-1 students.  Now, you no longer need a letter from the OISS to apply for your driver’s license or Texas ID!  Instead, just take your I-20 (or DS-2019), valid passport, visa stamp (unless you’re Canadian) and I-94 card to go and apply.  If you’re not on an F or J visa, you’re welcome to see what the identification requirements are by visa type here: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/DriverLicense/documents/ImmigrationStatusChart.pdf

If you need a letter for any other purpose from our office (i.e. Social Security, invitation letters for your family to visit, bank letters, etc.), please don’t forget that our new policy requires that you request the letter 24 hours in advance.  You can do so by emailing us anytime at: oiss@rice.edu.

Welcome Reception in Korea

June 26th, 2011 by co7

Today is the Seoul reception. I prayed in the bus going to Seoul that as many students as possible could come. I was a bit concerned because typhoon season had just started a few days ago, and it was raining.
Boyeon Kim, president of Korean International Students Association (KISA), a few volunteer students, and I went ahead of time to the restaurant where the reception would be taking place to set up the projector and screen for running Rice’s historical video and the OISS staff introduction video.

Finally, set-up was done! We were all getting nervous and excited as five o’clock grew closer and one by one, students started showing up.

The Seoul reception started officially by introducing each other. Surprisingly, some of the students were from the same city. The Rice introduction video which followed further livened the atmosphere.
Finally, I had a chance to introduce the OISS staff and talk about why OISS exists and what we do for internationals. The students seemed really interested in what I had to say.

With some final comments on the importance of cross-cultural experiences, we rearranged the attendees’ seats in order to mix the incoming students and the current students so that they could get to know each other better and so that the current students could answer individual questions from the incoming students.

The students were thankful for this opportunity from OISS which enabled them to meet students coming from same region before coming to Rice in August.
I believe that the new students feel more comfortable and confident because they know there are seniors and offices to help them adjust to a new country, a new culture and an entirely new system.

I can’t wait to see them again in August!
Lastly, I was very honored to welcome them in Seoul on behalf of OISS. Thank you all at OISS for your great support.

~Written by Su Yeon Yoo, International Administrative Coordinator

International Ladies Networking Luncheon

February 28th, 2011 by co7

Last fall, we launched a program for international women. That includes international students, scholars, and spouses of Rice. This program was not absolutely new.  It originated from SIR, Spouses of Internationals at Rice (SIR), which lasted over 10 years. It was held by OISS and Rice Community volunteers.

The International Ladies Networking Luncheon (IINL) meets the first Wednesday of the month at noon. Not every month though; it is set up to meet only during the semester, so please stay tuned.  OISS will send an email for you to find out when and where we will meet, or you can contact OISS at 713-348-6095.

IINL is a wonderful way to foster a sense of community, develop friendships, and learn about each other. We have invited The Houston Greeters to hear about what’s happening around the Houston. We have also had seasonal events like making our own wreaths during the winter holiday season and card stamping around Valentine’s Day & fall, made possible by generous and dedicated Rice employees.  We have many more activities throughout the year. Don’t forget, food is always served!

Through different kinds of events, international ladies here at Rice can build friendship and experience cultural exchange. We hope those invaluable traditions are continued through IINL.

~Written by Su Yeon Yoo, International Administrative Coordinator

Graduate International Culture Night – An Evening Full of Cultural Treasures

February 22nd, 2011 by co7

Our graduate international students bring so much value to Rice University at so many levels. Clearly we know that the academic and research assets they share are a special merit to the entire Rice community.

The second annual Graduate International Culture Night (GICN) exemplified an even further level of meaningfulness that international graduate students bring to our campus. The amazing talents and diversity of cultural arts was never so vividly shown as it was at the GICN. We saw the world at our front doorstep, with the enthusiasm of our brilliant students expressing their cultures and countries around the world in amazing (and very different) ways.

Thank you, Graduate Student Association (GSA), who has made it their priority to reach out and include the international student population, so as to help them become a much more active part of our community and the GSA’ work. The GICN is a reflection of the GSA’s dedication to Rice, through embracing the valuable capital that students from all over the world bring to our campus, and expanding our school’s cultural vibrancy.

Thank you, Rice graduate international students, for a wonderful program!! Thank you, GSA, for your work in putting this together!

Thank you GSA Executive Committee, who are just amazing leaders!

For more on this event, visit:


~Written by Adria Baker, Executive Director, OISS

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