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Let’s spread the “bug”

dsc01125If you want to be a part of something really special, you must contribute to society by doing something you are not paid to do.

I could be convinced this was one of the principles the US was founded on because giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate is one of the unique characteristics of the American culture today. I have not heard of a country that committed so deeply as a nation to helping others, nor have I met a more organized community of volunteers and endless opportunities anywhere else.img_1160

You can see people helping out everywhere; in their kids’ school, or in their communities. Perhaps they are building houses for deserving families, serving hot meals or visiting hospitals and nursing homes. They might be donating money to charities, participating in races and raising awareness for issues that matter to them. One could not help but wonder how and why people are willing to offer money they worked so hard for or use their well-deserved free time for benefiting others, but the generosity of the American people is actually beyond the act of kindness and helping others is their way of living.

As the saying goes, volunteering is contagious and once you get the bug it stays with you. This is proven by not only the growing numbers of those who value involvement with volunteer and civic activities, per the research of the Kinder Institute, but also by our own example. Last year OISS and 16 international students and scholars packed thousands of pounds of produce equaling 8,750 meals at the Houston Food Bank, and we plan to do something similar again. img_1152

If you are ready for a meaningful event that gives you pride and satisfaction, and want to experience one of the greatest American traditions, consider joining us on Wednesday, December 21, 2016. As part of OISS’ Winter Events series this year we are committed again to give back to the community and make a difference the American way.

Take this opportunity to contribute to society, and enrich your cultural experience, guaranteed!

By Agnes Vajtai

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