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Rice International B-Ball Team Mirrors University’s Internationalization Efforts

Evidence of Rice’s recent years of international expansion efforts, as a result of the Vision for the Second Century’s (V2C) goals, are seen, felt, and experienced throughout the campus daily. Almost one in every five students walking across campus is a student from another country (including total populations of graduate and undergraduate students).  Everyone at Rice has a chance for a cross-cultural opportunity at their front doorstep.

The Houston Chronicle’s Sports front page story about the international athletes that are on the Rice basketball team also describes how the players enjoy the diverse perspectives and traditions that they learn from one another. But their uniting force is their dedication to the game. As in any international experience, shared goals can override any differences.

Whether it is in the classroom, the lab, a student club, a volunteer opportunity, or on the court, international students at Rice, interacting with our domestic students, create a rich environment for learning global perspectives and expanding one’s international experience.

Rice is so fortunate to have so many students from other countries here, and we have truly enjoyed the unique opportunities to learn from the international athletes who come to our country and school with so many incredible talents, and share them with all of us. Way to go Rice basketball team! Way to go Owls! Way to go international students who are part of our Rice community!


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