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International Delegations at Rice

Rice University has always attracted international groups and delegations, and welcomed many visitors from around the world. In August 2010, OISS inherited a new responsibility from the Office of the President, and we’re hosting international delegations when they visit Rice ever since.

In this role we work closely with the different departments, professors and school officials as well as Rice’s entire international community when we organize meetings, lectures, campus and lab tours, and we rely on our colleagues’ and students’ help to welcome, and provide meaningful programs to our guests.

One of the most recent visits from Zhejiang University, China is a perfect example of how Rice’s international students can partake in this exiting and unique opportunity which not only enriches the experience of our guests but also allows the students to meet with visitors from prominent, well known government agencies, business companies, or international institutions, very often from their own Alma Mater.

In May, 2011 Xuhui Chen, a Ph.D. candidate from the Department of Physics played an important part in the success of the visit as he navigated the delegates from Zhejiang University throughout their program. This was a busy, one day event and Xuhui, beyond his invaluable technical help in logistics, bridged the gap between the two different cultures. Throughout the meetings, BRC tour, business lunch and group photos he made sure the occasion was very professional and friendly at the same time, which resulted in many positive feedback we have received from the guests afterwards.

This was not the first time Xuhui and other international students offered their help and expertise with delegations and took on different roles such as sharing their Rice and US experience with our visitors, guiding them around campus, or helping with translation. We’re so grateful for the support our students and scholars are giving to OISS, and we’re looking forward to incorporate their help into future visits whenever we can.

~Written by Agnes Vajtai, International Compliance Assistant

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